Lexan Graphic Overlays

Lexan Graphic Overlays are often used by  equipment manufacturers to produce  extremely durable control panels, face plates, operator instructions and safety notices.

Lexan is a clear polycarbonate plastic which is very durable. Graphic are printed sub-surface (under the viewing side), and then backed up with white ink. Specialty 3M laminating adhesives are then applied. Lexan overlays can be die cut with many internal cutouts for buttons and controls. Areas can be left clear, or  with transparent inks, for LEDs and other lights to show through the material and adhesive.

CanadaStickerKing.com  stocks a variety of thicknesses , finish and adhesive options. Gauges from .005 to .020  are available, with either a matte or gloss finish. The most common laminating adhesives are 3M 467MP, 468 MP and 300 LSE. Panels can be either screen printed in spot colour, or direct digitally printed in full colour on a flatbed UV press.

Our designers can build your graphics from engineering drawings, or you can send us a part to ensure exact fit to your product or device. Lexan is more dimensionally stable than a regular decal.

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Polycarbonate overlays are not suited to applications that require consistent flexibility, such as keybads, and other flexible membrane controls.